Population: 81,653,000
Population Growth Rate: 0.006

Adulthood: 60 years
Old Age: 230 years

Tieflings are a race of sly, horned humanoids. If their origin story is to be believed, Barsaborak took demons from The Abyss molded them and wiped their minds clean and left them on the island of Tamaris. Over time the Tieflings built the civilization of Dimos to both rival the Samsaran and rebel against Barsaborak. Tieflings are matriarchal leaving men to do manual labor, fighting and anything exceedingly dangerous. Women are seen as the bastions of culture, emotion and life; women control businesses, are taken more seriously as artists and are regarded as more intellectual than men. Tieflings have a dark fascination with the Abyss and Nyakimos, many scholars dedicate their lives to the philosophy of Barsaborak and understanding the demonic realm. Most Tieflings scoff at religion of any kind, a few worship Mephibosheth, but a more disturbing amount worship Barsaborak in secret cults.



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