Dimos is the civilization of the Tieflings on the island of Tamaris. Dimos has a single ruler known as the Aurex (gold queen) who rules for one term of twelve years. Elections to become Aurex are simple bidding wars, whoever pays the most becomes the ruler. There isn’t a limit on how many terms a single person can rule, thus the Aurex can stay the same for decades. The government has very little actual power, it’s purpose is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. Most functions of a usual elective monarchy are controlled guilds and companies; wars are fought with mercenaries, roads are built by businesses and mail is run by guilds. Like the Samsaran of Rajilara, prisoners guilty of terrible crimes are sent to The Maw to suffer and die. For a currency they use gold coins set with different gems due to their large gem mines. These coins are called souls with a lesser and greater soul representing one tenth and ten souls. Lesser souls use a sapphire, souls use a emerald and greater souls use a ruby.

Population: 84,000,000 people
Population Density: 60 persons per sq. mile
Physical Area: 1,400,000 sq. miles (~India)

95% Tiefling – 79,800,000 people
4.5% Nagaji – 3,780,000 people
.5% Other – 420,000 people

Universities: 3

Population: 109,000 people
Physical Area: 1,796 acres

6 other cities of note
72 towns

Founded 2286 – 802 years old



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