Into the Maw

Session 7 Truths

After getting Tezcacoatl settled, Regyr asks Grrner and Siren if they would help him find his father and they agree. Siren asks Sahir and Mortis if they would like to help and they also agree. To take his mind off his father Regyr decides to fight with Gerrner for fun and he is able to win each time even when Gerrner uses his divine magic. After wrestling, Regyr, Siren and Sahir go back to their respective beds, but Gerrner and Mortis stay to talk to Tezcacoatl. Gerrner simply wants to get to know him, but Mortis brought a mass of paper to take notes. They question him about many aspects of draconic life and his past. He reveals that the dragons are ruled by a senate of twenty dragons that are replaced every twenty years by a randomly selected group. Dragons worship Daray their creator and do so by proxy, they truly worship the wyrms, great dragons maintaining a saint-like status. Tezcacoatl himself was an architect and after some prodding he tells about his murder. He learned aasimar because he wanted to go to them and make peaceful contact; however, when he was going to fly there a friend saw him and thought he was going to attack them. They didn’t recognize the misunderstanding and tensions flared and eventually led to the friend’s death. Tezcacoatl horrified by what he did, waited for him to be taken away. After talking with Tezcacoatl for a long time Gerrner and Mortis return to their beds.

When they wake in the morning Mortis leaves Willers in charge while they are gone, much to his chagrin. During their travels Mortis introduces them to a Tiefling game where everyone takes turns asking others something about themselves or to do something embarrassing. The group agrees to play and decides to talk about themselves. Eventually the topic of romance comes up and everyone quickly asks about each other’s love life. Regyr reveals that he doesn’t have a female mate to the displeasure of the tribe, but he has been seeing another of the tribe’s warriors in secret. Mortis reveals that she hasn’t been involved in romance, but her necromancer colleague created a homunculus that fancied her, but was eventually destroyed. Sahir also reveals that she has been in an arranged marriage for many years, but after the Dimo-Qurturbian War they went their separate ways and haven’t seen each other since.



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