Into the Maw

S2 E1 Paths New and Old (p1)

After Sahir is revealed to be Apophis, Siren is unable to sleep. A raspy voice speaks to him offering to help him get Dusk back. It reveals itself to be a quasit named Nabazhir who was watching them since they returned to the Beast Herald’s village. Curious to see if it would be possible to get him back Siren follows him into the forest and watches as he creates a magical circle. A shadowy figure rises from the circle and makes an offer: they will get Dusk back from Nyakimos, but Siren will owe them a favor in the future. Siren is apprehensive and he is given another day to decide. In the morning he goes hunting with Regyr and tells him about the meeting with the demons. Regyr advises him to turn it down if they don’t give a more concrete offer, a favor could be far worse than losing Dusk. At the same time Sahir tells Mortis that she thinks she is Apophis and she also tells her about her other dreams.

When Regyr and Siren return to the camp Mortis tells them about Sahir and they tell her about the demons. Overwhelmed they decide to set a trap for the quasit that night. Nabazhir wakes Siren up and tells him that he has to make a descion and then Regyr, who was pretending to sleep nearby, grabs Nabazhir. Everyone gets up and they interrogate him. He didn’t know much, but he tells them that they only thought that Siren was desperate enough to accept a deal, they weren’t watching for any other reason. They contact the shadow being again and they agree on a contract: the demons will help retrieve Dusk from Nyakimos and, in exchange, the group will give them some priests of Barsaborak.

After the deal was made the group returns to the colony and word spreads quickly about Barsaborak and the annihilation of the Beast Heralds. Paranoia and rage follows this news and the colony is forgotten, at least for the moment. During a period of two month Grrner talks to Tezcacoatl and convinces him to build a stone wall around the village. Siren goes out will Maiara and fulfills the bet. Finally, nearing the end of the two months Nabazhir gets back to them and tells them about a small group of inexperienced Barsaborak cultists. The group goes out finds them all, captures them and sends them to the Abyss. The demons make good on their promise and begin searching for Dusk. They also send Rapture, a succubus consort, to communicate with the group.



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