The Draconic Sovereignty

Population: 200,000 people
Population Density: 0.5 persons per sq. mile
Physical Area: 400,000 sq. miles (~Egypt)

100% Dragons

Dragon’s Citadel
Population: 6,700 people
Physical Area: 860 acres

Founded 1915 – 1173 years old

The government is a demarchy where every 20 years a census is taken and 20 dragons old enough to be responsible, but young enough to act are randomly selected to be part of the new senate. Based around code of laws/constitution called the fundament and is summarized by the words “We the living.” Religion to Daray kind of. Worship Daray, but also patron saints/angels called wyrms.

58th senate, 13 years in, 7 left

The Draconic Sovereignty

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