Karaso is the god of the natural world. Specifically he claims dominion over animals and the masculine side of nature. He is close with the goddess Pela, who holds power over the more feminine aspects of nature.

Karaso’s only doctrine is this “raarha babar baarha” (strife breeds life). He urges his followers to embrace conflict and misfortune for it makes you stronger and makes your life more meaningful. This doctrine has caused the distinct rivalry between Karaso and Mephibosheth who wants his followers to pursue peace, prosperity and order. It is believed the Karaso with deliberately make people’s lives more difficult in an attempt for them to grow; he frequently does this to his followers leading to the phrase “rehar’ar hae Karaso” (blessed by Karaso) to mean you or someone else is struggling or has a nearly impossible challenge.

Karaso’s followers are most commonly Gnolls who follow him or no one else; however, he has a strong following among the Nagaji. The Gnolls, whom Karaso created, worship amd offer sacrifices to him to prove their strength and willingness to endure suffering. Every 5 years the “Habara Hyhae” (Holy Combat) is held allowing scores to be settled in duels. Karaso’s Najaji followers are not as fanatical as his Gnoll followers; they worship him alongside Pela as the gods of nature.

Karaso’s celestial servants are the leucrotta, large hyenas as big as a gnoll with large feathered wings.


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