Into the Maw

Session 2 Cloak and Dagger

After the contract was signed the tieflings began to unload the ships and build some shelter. Hyraer leaves Dusk, Galxis, Regyr and Siren as well as several other Gnolls to watch the tieflings while he returns to the village to organize a hunt and a feast. Regyr sees an opportunity to test the strength of Mortis and Sahir by working with them to clear a cave that would be ideal for mining. They agree and all six of them along with Edson Willers, one of the tiefling soldiers, go to clear out the cave while the rest of the gnolls and tieflings guard the colony. Inside the cave they encounter four feathered raptor creatures who attack as soon as the party enters. During the fight Galxis and his serpent are able to slay two of the beasts while Regyr and Edson finish off the others. Both Regyr and Edson are injured, but Galxis heals Regyr and Edson is able to bandage himself up.

The cave’s occupants now removed, the group investigates a smaller room and discovers a table covered with papers, a wooden box and something scratched into the wall in Tiefling. The message on the wall says “Beware of those who hate innovation” and on the box the words “Rearden Metal Smithing” are carved on the top. When Mortis investigates she finds the papers make up some sort of log and are at least twenty years old, with most pages simply being illegible. The box contained a dagger of fine craftsmanship and of a metal that no one had seen before. It appeared to be lighter and stronger than their iron weapons and Regyr takes it as a prize. Confused as to how and why this stuff was hear they decide to find out what the Rearden Metal Smithing company was by asking Beretum Scudder. When they leave the cave to find Scudder, they see that another ship had arrived.

When the group gets back to the beach they find Scudder talking to Aeleon Mouch, the son of the Aurex. He demands to know what they are doing and they tell him plainly that they are setting up a trade colony with the gnolls. Attempting to appear as if he’s giving advice he tells them that they should give up while they aren’t too invested. He warns that the gnolls are dangerous and that forming trade relations with them is not a popular descion with the Aurex. Mortis, in an attempt to show the colony is worth the risk, shows Mouch the dagger they found in addition to the journal entries and the name Rearden Metal Smithing. When she reveals this Mouch is taken aback and despite his efforts to hide it he looks shocked and uncomfortable. He makes one last plea that they leave The Maw and then he gets back onto his ship. Still confused, the group gives the journal entries and the dagger to Scudder so he can sail back to Dimos to tell Dagnia Taggart what they found and search through the archives for any information on the company or the metal.

Session 1 Devil's Contract

A small, exploratory, tiefling vessel is blown off course and lands on The Maw because they lost supplies during the storm. The captain and two mercenaries get on land and prepare to hunt for food for their return journey. Meanwhile, at the edge of the forest, Dusk, Galxis, Regyr and Siren, who were hunting and scouting, see the ship approach and hide. When they see the men on shore, Dusk reveals himself and moves to meet them. Galxis stands between Dusk and the woods and Regyr and Siren stay hidden at the forest’s edge. Dusk discovers that the tieflings were caught in a storm and need food. Eventually, Dusk calls Galxis, Regyr and Siren over and they exchange some meat for the sword the tiefling captain had.

Two months later, Mortis and Sahir are employed by the Empyrean Commercium and were just told to meet with Dagnia Taggart, the guild’s head of operations. When they arrive outside her room they hear her arguing with her brother Jamnul Taggart about something. When jamnul leaves, Dagnia calls them in. She has reason to believe that a trade post on The Maw would benefit her business. She wants Mortis and Sahir to make sure the expedition goes smoothly and becomes profitable. Not without apprehension, they accept.

Two months later, Dusk, Galxis, Regyr and Siren are relaxing in The Whispering Warriors’ village when they can see a commotion on the other side of the village. When they go to investigate they see Bahyrae, Chieftan of The Divine Speakers Tribe, demanding to see their chieftain, Hyraer. Bahyrae heard about the trade that was made with the tieflings and he warns that if they continue to deal with outsiders he will denounce them and possibly take further action. Unsure of how to proceed, Hyraer decides to wait and see if the tieflings return to decide how to deal with the situation.

Two months later and a few days before they leave for the Maw, Mortis and Sahir return to see Dagnia in her office. When they approach her office they can hear heated conversation between Dagnia and Raelini Dannashold, their shipwright. When she leaves Dagnia tells them that one of the three ships they were expecting was bought by Aeleon Mouch, the son of the Aurex. This means that they will have half the mercenaries they were expecting and less supplies as well. In addition, the fact that the son of the Aurex is interested in what they are doing doesn’t bode well, especially since the Aurex, Willisa Mouch, is very isolationist. Dauntless, Dagnia tells them that they will proceed with setting up the trade post, but with caution.

Two months later, Mortis and Sahir arrive on the Maw and meet up with Dusk, Galxis, Regyr and Siren, as well as Hyraer. At first negotiations are led by Beretum Scudder, the businessman sent by Jamnul Taggart to make the deal; however, after the chieftain, Mortis and Sahir get sick of his bumbling they tell him to leave and negotiations continue without him. Dusk sees Daray at the edge of the trees; when he approaches Daray explains that he is their to observe this historic event and to tell him that the nagaja, Sahir, has more significance than he or the other’s might expect. After one last comment about how he isn’t the only one watching, Daray disappears and Dusk returns to finish the negotiations. With Regyr acting as translator, eventually they come to an agreement; the gnolls will protect the trade post and give them business and the tieflings will pay them in weapons for the land. Dusk looks over the contract because he is the only one who could read tiefling and after he is deemed trustworthy, the chieftan agrees to the terms of the contract.


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