Into the Maw

Session 6 More Questions than Answers

After cutting open Siren’s arm Aerhae tells the group that she will be able to examine the black bones tomorrow. They move away from her hut and settle down for the night. Sahir dreams that she is back on the front lines during the Dimo-Qurturbian War. The fighting and blood eventually ends and she is the only person left alive and the corpses seem to be staring at her. Tezcacoatl wakes Sahir with his tail because she was thrashing around in her sleep. After she walks around to calm herself down she goes back to sleep.

In the morning Tezcacoatl is gone and Regyr goes hunting. When they are about to eat four gnolls come out of the forest. Three are large and have crude spears and the other is thin and has a dagger. The thin one tells them to give them their possessions and Regyr attacks. The gnolls are quickly dispatched with one captured alive and only Grrner was injured. Appearing suddenly, Tezcacoatl runs out of the woods with Aerhae riding on his back. She informs the group that she was attacked by two gnolls associated with the ones they killed and that Tezcacoatl returned from hunting and killed them. Gerrner heals and they eat breakfast. After eating they question the surviving gnoll who tells them that they were exiles from the Blood Wardens and the thin one was a blooded of Karaso. Not wanting to kill him, the group lets the gnoll go and they go to Aerhae’s hut. She determines that the bones belonged to an aasimar prisoner who was sent by the samsaran and survived long enough to reach the old temple and was killed. The fact that he survived so long implies that he had similar powers as Siren and his bone color supports that idea.

The group decides that it is time to leave and Regyr and Gerrner say goodbye to Aerhae and promise to return. They get to know each other a little better as they travel and Sahir continues to have nightmares, but doesn’t tell the others. When they get close to the village they tell Tezcacoatl to wait for them and the rest of them continue into the village. Gerrner, Regyr and Siren go to the gnoll village where they notice everyone looking at Regyr with concern. When Regyr questions one of his friends he tells him that Hyraer sent his father and a few other gnolls to check on the Beast Heralds, but they haven’t returned. They find Hyraer and Regyr tells him that he is going to find his father and Hyraer knew he would feel that way. They also tell Hyraer about Tezcacoatl and while he is worried at first he soon sees the advantages and allows him to stay in a cave near where the tieflings are mining. Gerrner, Regyr and Siren then go to get Tezcacoatl and meet Hyraer at the cave.

Mortis and Sahir go to the colony and they see that another ship has arrived. Willers comes up to them and tells them that the ship brought the extra soldiers and supplies Dagnia Taggart promised. Willers was upset over Scudder getting to go home and explains that he just wanted to see his wife and daughter. Willers explains that the colony has built some more buildings and they are about ready to start mining. He also says that Dusk was translating for them and that he hasn’t seen him in a few days.

Everyone meets at the cave with Tezcacoatl and Hyraer greets him and welcomes him into the tribe. They agree that he will hunt away from their territory to avoid conflict and that he should avoid entering the village for a few days. Afterwards, they enter the village spreading the word of the dragon and that he is friendly. They also find out that Dusk was asking around the gnoll village about the rumors of dragons and that he hasen’t been seen for at least three days.



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