Into the Maw

Session 4 Visions and Visionaries

After the attack by the aberrant gnolls, everyone just tries to get some sleep. Regyr wakes early and goes to check on Siren, and Galxis wakes up a little later to check on the wounded. While Regyr assures Siren that he doesn’t think he intentionally caused the attack and that he told the chieftan his viewpoint, Mortis arrives. She asks for some samples of Siren’s skin so that she can compare it to the flesh of the aberrant gnolls, hoping to prove his innocence Siren agrees and Mortis returns to the colony to study the samples. When Mortis leaves Galxis meets up with Regyr and Siren and asks if either of them have seen Dusk, neither of whom did. As the three of them are talking the gnolls of village slowly wake up and Hyraer tells them his decision. He tells the three of them to go with Mortis and Sahir to find a diviner on the outskirts of the Divine Speakers territory. The diviner will have a vision to determine if Siren is responsible and what actions they should take. Hyraer also cautions against telling anyone they meet about the colony just to stall its discovery. The three of them agree and go to the colony to get Mortis and Sahir.

Galxis, Regyr and Siren find Mortis hard at work with vials of liquid and a large book of formulas. They tell her about the mission and she and Sahir say they will go along. Mortis also reveals that while the sample are similar in structure, the only differences are probably between Aasimar and gnoll biology, the aberrant gnolls seem to have a stronger or more invasive form of the affliction though. She also discovered that it is not something parasitic, it permeated the entire body. Still unsure of what all of this could mean, the group begins the week long trek north, leaving Willers in charge after Scudder returns to Dimos.

After six days of traveling they come to a hut in the wilderness that Regyr knows belongs to Aerhae one of the gnolls that helped raise him. At the hut they see another gnoll emerging from the woods, Grrner, one of Regyr’s friends when he was just a cub. They great each other warmly and reminisce on how they went their separate ways, Regyr to the tribe of his father and Gerrner to become a priest of Karaso. Aerhae emerges from her hut and greets Regyr with surprise. She asks about the aasimars, tiefling and nagaji that are following him and he tells her that the aasimars are his companions and the tiefling and nagaji are prisoners. Mortis interrupts him and tells Aerhae the truth to which Regyr explains the entire problem of the tiefling colony. Aerhae, unsure of what to think, asks them why they came and they explain that they were sent by their chieftain to have a vision about Siren, the tieflings and what their next steps should be. Aerhae agrees to have the vision and when she finishes preparing the herbs she needs, she throws them into the fire, inhaling their fumes. She reveals that answers are in the old temple, a cave where the Divine Speakers resided until it nearly collapsed. She also says that the old temple holds answers for Galxis. When she finishes speaking she opens her eyes and immediately falls backwards in horror. She points to Sahir and talks about some sort of darkness surrounding her. Regyr and Gerrner quickly go to help her and when she calms a little, she explains that she saw this dark aura around Sahir, but it seemed like it was not from her, but following her. When the group makes sure that Aerhae is fine, they head to the old temple, a few hours away.



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