Into the Maw

Session 3 Dragon Tales

After Aeleon Mouch leaves, the group heads to the village for the feast. Along the way Scudder pulls Dusk and Siren aside. He offers them a deal, if they make sure the colony lasts, he will grant them a pardon for whatever crimes they committed. After thinking it over both Dusk and Siren agree to the deal. When they arrive at the village many of the other Gnolls stare as the Tieflings enter. Hyraer gathers everyone around the animal carcasses from the hunt and declares the feast in honor of the new alliance with the tieflings.

While the feast is going on, Regyr takes Siren and Galxis away. He questions Siren, with Galxis as translator, if Dusk can be trusted. Siren assures Regyr that Dusk is trustworthy. When the three of them return to the feast, they hear rumors that gnolls of the northern tribes saw dragons flying inland. Unsure of what to think of this they meet with the chief who tells them that they have a lot more pressing issues to deal with than rumors of dragons on the other side of the continent. Hyraer asks for their council on the matter of allies; he doesn’t think much of their chances against the Divine Speakers and even less against the rest of the tribes. Three tribes call them friends: the Beast Heralds, the Forest Shades and the Ardent Seekers. The Beast Heralds are close, but small and their strongest ally, the Ardent Seekers are the farthest, but they have limited gnolls to send if they want the village defended.. Regyr, Dusk and Galxis advise that they should get aid from the Beast Heralds who are close and send an emissary to find Garx to possibly win him over.

The sun now setting, the group as well as the gnolls gather around for the storytellers to begin their art. One such storyteller begins with the ancient gnoll tale of the great hunt. The gnoll race, still young, was willing to prove itself and Karaso wished to test their strength. Karaso took boulders from the mountain and fire from the earth and fashioned a monster of rock and fire, the fire giant. He spoke to his children, if they wished to prove their strength and their faith in him they would have to slay the fire giant. Dauntless, the gnolls fought the fire giant for days until Garx slew the beast. Garx was gifted the powers of the divine becoming Karaso’s avatar and the fire giant fell into the earth creating a smoldering rift which smokes even to this day. Upon completion of the story the storyteller asks if anyone else would like to share a tale. Galxis stands and tells of the first dragon slaying. The Aasimars had been preyed upon by the dragons since their creation, but once, when a dragon appeared before them, the aasimar’s tricked the dragon into landing and they slew it and feasted upon it, gaining its strength. When Galxis finished Mortis stands up and tells of the birth of the tieflings. In the realm of The Abyss demons roam the wilderness, but in one moment in a cacopheny of fire and pressure several demons were launched out a flaming mountain and heard the voice of Barsaborak. When they awoke they began to build, to conquer this new land and in defiance of the voice that brought them here.

After several more epic tales of gnoll heroes with questionable accuracy the tieflings return to their colony and the gnolls to their huts. Later that night, Mortis and Sahir awake to the horrifying scream of one of the tiefling mercenaries. They rush out into the dark and find the colony under attack by what appeared to be hunched, sickly gnolls; however, when they attacked they mutated and altered their limbs into blades. Regyr, Dusk, Galxis and Siren wake to a gnoll shouting of an attack. They find similar monstrosities looking like members of the Beast Heralds, shooting acid and morphing into weapons, in ways that were similar to Siren’s powers. After dispatching most of the creatures the group meets along with Hyraer. They quickly discover Siren’s peculiar similarity to the monsters and the fact that none of the creatures were hostile to him. Tired, confused and agitated they put Siren under watch.



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