Into the Maw

Session 10 Dusk's Return

The group decides that figuring out what Dusk knows should be their next step and they go to his hideout. When they get there they find him inside a large hollow tree where he was thinking. He explains to them his hypothesis of how everything they found fit together. The gnoll Maiara gave blood to disappeared for long periods of time and the only place of significance he could have gone to would be the cave they visited. Dusk believed that he was a part of some cult of Barsaborak, given the nihilian writing in the cave, and that they somehow used the blood to taint these gnolls, possibly as part of some ritual to summon Apophis. The group decides that they should investigate that cave once more and hopefully exterminate whatever created the tainted gnolls.

The group says their goodbyes to the people in the village and the colony and set out towards the Beast Herald’s village. One the second day of travel they immediately pick up the smell of carrion and they come upon undead gnolls and some tainted gnolls who appeared to have clusters of scales mixed with their fur. After the abominations were slaughtered the party realized the implications of more tainted gnolls and undead and decided that they should pick up speed the next day.



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