Into the Maw

S2 E9 Friends Above, Fiends Below

During the night Ao wakes and gets everyone else ready saying that something is wrong. Sahir finds that she is being approached by three demonic creatures. One of the demons wraps around Ao and they both vanish. The party grabs their weapons and defeat the two remaining demons one of whom shouts for Beelzebub to help him as he is stuck down. Unsure of what just occured the party contemplates what this could mean. Ao returns shortly after the end of the battle, covered in blood and ash. He reveals that he was taken to the Abyss. The group theorizes that they were going after Sahir because of how close they were to her, causing them to wonder if the demons found out about Sahir being apophis and if so how?

Eventually, Rapture appears and asks them to clarify what happend. She tells them that the information they got fits what happened. She reveals that the perpetrators were another demonic faction attempting a secret maneuver, hence why they sent only three demons, she also tells the group that Nabazhir was suppossed to be watching them, but they haven’t heard from him since she left the party. Rapture asks if they have any information about this, but they keep quite and wait for her to leave. before she goes Rapture tells them that for their safety they will send another quasit to watch them. When she is gone Regyr says his theory: nabazhir heard them talking about Sahir being apophis two days previous and that he sold that information to Beelzebub’s faction. The rest of the party agree that Regyr’s theory is probably true, but they don’t have absolute proof. The matter somewhat settled they all go back to sleep.

The next day they reach the Gray Howlers’s village and talk to one of the gnolls. He informs them that they still don’t know where Garx is and that they even talked with the Swift Hunters to the north and they didn’t find him either. They ask him what general opinon of the colony is and he tells them they are honstly indifferent. They believe that they will not be much affected if it accepted or rejected, and that sentiment is shared by the chieftain. Regyr asks if they could talk to the chieftain and the gnoll leads them to his hut. When inside they make the chieftain a proposition: if they are willing to support the colony the tieflings could send them weapons and other supplies by land or sea. The chieftain believes them, but untill they prove that they prove themselves by getting them the supplies and when they do he will consider supporting their cause.

The group leaves the village and they contemplate where Garx could possibly be if no one could find him on the entirety of The Maw. Mortis brings up the possibility of Garx being on another plane and that makes Ao pause. Ao mumbles to himself thinking quickly and then exlaims that he knows exactly where Garx is and sets out of the village. Regyr asks him where they are going and Ao says that they are going home, which Regyr quickly explains to the rest of the group that they are going to the afterlife and realm of the gods. Unsure of what this means or what will happen everyone in the group prays to their respective gods for help, even Mortis who bows her head like the others. Finally, they get a distance from the village and Ao gathers them together and brings the, to Apotheosis.



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