Into the Maw

S2 E8 Divine Intervention

After traveling for a day the group makes camp for the night. When they gather around the fire Ao tells them how he met a tiefling about thirty years ago, he asked him what he was doing so far from home and he replied “trying to find a new one.” He was dirty from travel and while he didn’t seem used to it he seemed to wear it as a badge of honor. The group speculates that this was Rearden, but Ao couldn’t confirm because he never learned his name.

After Ao’s story Siren tells Ao about Sahir being Apophis and he reveals that he could sense that she possessed some divine power, but he wasn’t aware of it’s origin. Sahir asks him if he is capable of removing the curse and he tells her that as much as he would like to rid her of it, it was bestowed by a god and is beyond his power, but maybe Garx could relieve her of it, or at least lessen it’s influence. Ao then speaks to Grrner, asking him if he knows about the boons and banes of Karaso. Stragely, Mortis knew of the subject and explains that Karaso sometimes bestows special powers on those who have suffered or experienced much and sometimes these come with a drawback as well. Ao tells Grrner that he possesses the boon of wisdom, a fairly obscure gift given to the wisest gnolls and those who have suffered some great tragedy. Grrner mentions that as they traveled he noticed more than just the winged hyena. He saw a faint red aura around Regyr, a black one around Sahir and a strong red aura around Ao. Ao comments that the chances of their group having two people touched by the gods is very odd. After the conversation ends Regyr talks to Ganal and tells him not to tell anyone else about what he heard about Sahir.

The next day while traveling Siren feels a strange pull towards the treeline. He tells the others he need to relieve himself and heads off into the woods. He eventually finds himself brought to three tainted gnoll corpses all in the same place. He investigates the area, but finds nothing else unsual figuring out that the tainted gnolls were probably killed by Blood Wardens. Siren informs the group of this and they go and burn the bodies, but Siren still feels a weird pull to that spot. Looking closer Grrner sees a black crack or rip in the air above the bodies. Mortis reasons that this is a plae where the boundary between the prime plane and Nyakimos are thin and wonders what’s on the other side. They leave Ganal with their pets and Ao takes them through the crack. They arrive in the wasteland of dust that is Nyakimos, but they find that they are standing around a pillar with words in Nihilian etched into it. it reads:

No more hope and no more light
Through the darkness of the night
The sun in all her glory waning
The stars as burnt-out beacons fading
On and further on we go
Dark and darker yet to grow
The pathway to obliteration
And then complete annihilation

After reading this they see a large group of Dustmen in the distance and decide to investigate. When the greet the dustmen they give them black stares and with every question they put to them it become quite clear that they know nothing and are utterly apathetic and despondent. Thoroughly disturbed and disquieted the group travels back to the Maw, clean themselves off and move forward. When they get close to the Blood Warden’s territory Regyr, Grrner and Ganal meet some hunters and tell them about the rift to Nyakimos and to keep an eye on it. They also ask if anyone has found Garx yet, but no one has. The three return to the rest of the group where they make camp and sleep for the night.



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