Into the Maw

S2 E7 Priestly Favors

The group returns to the Ice Fangs with the unconscious samsaran. The turn him over to the priests and they inform the party that the chieftain wants to speak to them. They find the chieftain to be as old as most elders, but maintains an imposing figure. He thanks them for clearing their temple after travelling so far. He tells them that after deliberating on the issue he has decided to support them and the colony, but because the priests of his tribe still disagree he will not have the full support of his tribe behind him. He will however send a representative as proof of his support. The group thanks him, but decided not to confront the priests to get back to the colony as quickly as possible.

On the second day of their journey they spot a lone gnoll walking on his own. From what they can see he appears older and has a staff, the like priests carry. He largely ignores them until they get up close where they can see his fur is graying, but his physique is quiet young and health. When they ask him why he is travelling alone, he replies that he isn’t and claims he has a companion beside him, a companion no one can see. Regyr and Grrner realize who he is, Ao, they first son of Garx. They are both shocked and quickly tell everyone else who he is. Ao tells them that he hasn’t met many people in his travels who possess the capacity to see his companion, but they pauses, like he is listening to someone speak. He speaks to Grrner saying that his companion believes that he possesses the ability to see him, but Grrner tells him that he can’t. Ao has Grrner kneel and he places his hand over his eyes and offers a prayer to Karaso and when Ao lifts his hand Grrner falls back in surprise. He sees a hyena bigger than Regyr with huge feathered wings. Ao reveals that he is travelling north to find Garx, and invites them to folow him. , the Ice Fang representative, says that he wants to come, but he has to report to Hyraer. Ao sends his angelic companion to inform Hyraer for him and they begin the journey north.



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