Into the Maw

S2 E6 Gnoll Negotiation

After two more day of uneventful travel the party arrives at the Ice Fangs’ territory. When they approach the village they are stopped by two gnolls who ask them what their business is. Regyr explains to them that they came to tell them about the group of aberrant gnolls that they killed. He also informs them of the symbol of Barsaborak and to kill anyone associated with the symbol. One of the gnolls gets the a gnoll named Rooverah, the daughter of the chieftain. They tell her that they came to talk to the chieftain to help convince him to support the colony. Rooverah explains that he is very old and set in his ways and that the best way to him is through the priests that he trusts absolutely. She also suggests that they give them something or do them a favor to help convince them. She tells them of their temple that was taken over by samsaran criminals, but that they have been preoccupied with the controversy over the colony and the death of the Beast Heralds. They agree to take care of the samsarans and after resting and gathering information on the temple they travel south.

When they reach the temple the attempt to ambush the samsarans guarding the cave, but they are caught and a fight ensues. The samsarans are quickly dispatched and they enter the cave to eliminate the rest of the criminals. When they enter they are able to frighten the samsarans, but they stand their ground and attack. The battle is fierce, but the samsarnas are all killed save one who was knocked unconscious and bound as an offering to the Ice Fangs.



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