Into the Maw

S2 E5 The Long Road

In the morning the group sets out for the Ice Fangs. When they make camp for the first night Grrner notices movement in the underbrush. He discovers a feathered raptor and talks to it. He convinces it to come with him and he introduces it to the group. When they begin to eat, Ripper fights with it, but Grrner separates them. That night they are all woken up by [[;nabazhir]] who gives them the burnt half of the book Dusk took with him into Nyakimos. He informs them that they found dustmen burning this part of the book and killed them when they wouldn’t give it to them. Now uncertain of Dusk’s survival they return to sleep to regain their energy for the next day.

After two more days of travel they notice smoke on the horizon. Mortis scouts ahead discovers a group of ten to twenty gnolls and when she returns to the others Regyr and Grrner recognize them as Blood Wardens, which is odd, because of how far they are from their territory. Regyr and Gerrner go to speak with them and have the others stay just out of sight. They discover they are Blood Wardens who were exiled because they disagreed with the Divine Speakers as to what must be done about the Tiefling colony. At this Regyr calls the others over. The Blood Wardens are unsure of what to do; they don’t want to get rid of the Tieflings, but the don’t want the tribes to be in such violent disagreement. Regyr tells them that they will be welcome at the colony and their leader tells him that they will think about it. They set up camp with the exiles and eat and relax with them.

In the morning they bid farewell to them and encourage them one last time to join them at the colony. When they travel during the day the see a herd of Triceratopses and they go to pick off one of the stragglers. The battle is quick and dangerous, but they take the beast down with only Regyr taking much damage.



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