Into the Maw

S2 E4 Strategy and Tactics

The gnolls launch their attack and make short work of the aberrant gnolls. Afterwards, Regyr advises that they burn the bodies and they all do so, piling them in the center of the valley and creating a large bonfire. The sun now low in the sky, everyone begins to set up their own campfires and hunting for their dinner. The group gathers around their campfire while Vraen speaks with the Divine Speakers. A one-eyed Forest Shade approaches them and introduces himself as Nerag. He explains to them that they have been trying to recruit the other tribes but everyone either sides with the Divine Speakers or is unsure. They have also been actively looking for Garx, but they are sure he isn’t within their borders and they suspect he is in the north-west near the Gray Howlers and Swift Hunters. Nerag also informs them of the greater numbers of tribeless gnolls from tribes exile them for agreeing with the colony. Regyr decides that they should travel to the Ice Fangs, the closest tribe that is still unaligned, and convince them to support the colony and hopefully delaying the Divine Speakers. Nerag also discusses their ideas to rebuild the Beast Heralds or create a new tribe in their place. He laments that their is too much that they have to do in too little time. Nerag wishes them good luck and leaves.

Vraen returns and asks what they’re doing next. Regyr tells him that they are going to the Ice Fangs to convince them to support the colony and he clearly disapproves. Reygr argues with him about the benefits of working with the tieflings and Vraen relents, promising to not rebel until the Divine Speakers decide the tieflings should leave. Even so, Vraen decides to return to the village, to inform the chieftain that they were successful and that they left for the Ice Fangs. The group makes small talk around the fire until the sun sets and they all go to sleep.



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