Into the Maw

S2 E3 Whispers Among the Warriors

After dinner Siren returns to his hut and finds Rapture waiting for him. She tells him how important it is that they find some way of getting rid of Ankita the samsaran paladin. She suggest using her shape changing powers to frame her and Siren decides to discuss the possibility the next day. At the same time Scudder pulls Mortis and Sahir to have a meeting along with Willers. Scudder reveals that he found out about the dead tribe and asks them all to be frank with him. He also brings up the question of what they are going to do to rebuild their relationship with the gnolls and support the new batch of mercenaries. Sahir assures both Scudder and Mortis that they can trust Zed and Mortis volunteers to talk to Regyr about using their hunting territory more effectively. Finally, Scudder tells them that the notes that Rearden left not only mentioned wanting to start over, but also to rebuild, which he believes means that Rearden wanted to start mining and smithing on the continent, which could be considered another colony. They decide to keep quite on it and to work around the new developments.

Regyr and Grrner waited until everyone was asleep before the set out into the woods for Vraen‘s meeting. When they get there they see several elders as well as the surviving Beast Herald have been gathered around a fire. Vraen tells them all that he is tired of dealing with the tieflings and the trouble that follows them. He encourages that they ally with the Divine speakers and overthrow Hyraer if necessary. Regyr and Grrner stand up to Vraen and argue that the tieflings are alright as long as they don’t break the terms of their contract. Vraen is incredulous and storms off after he realizes he is unable to convince them to turn against the tieflings. Afterwards, Regyr goes to the surviving Beast Herald and tells him not to let Vraen boss him around, then both Regyr and Grrner return to their huts.

The next morning Mortis wakes Regyr up and asks him about hunting tips and begins to put together a curriculum to teach their workers how to hunt. Latter in the day Siren approaches Regyr and tells him about Rapture’s plan to get rid of Ankita. Regyr tells him that they can’t do it with out getting Rapture killed or breaking the terms of the contract. Regyr then talks to Hyraer and tells him that there are dissenters, but doesn’t reveal their identities. Hyraer tells Regyr that they just found the largest group of abberant gnolls since the attack on the village at the border of their territory and the territories of the Divine Speakers and the Forrest Shades. They received this information last night and they wanted some people experienced with fighting the aberrant gnolls before engaging them. Hyraer asks for Regyr to organize their group to deal with this and he agrees. Everyone agrees to come along, but Regyr also brings Vraen along to fight and Rapture tags along with Siren disguised as a gnoll. They arrive at the sight two days later and meet up with the Forest Shades and Divine Speakers and they come up with a plan. The aberrant gnolls split into roughly three groups so they each would take one group.



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