Into the Maw

S2 E11: Verdict

In the morning the party as well as Ao and Hyraer gather together and Scudder and Willers meet them as Sahir and Mortis say their goodbyes and make preparations for the possible annihilation of the colony. Once the goodbyes are finished Ao teleports them all to the outskirts to Divine Speakers village. As they enter the Divine Speakers gather around them and encircle them when they reach the center of the village in front of the Heirophant’s home. When they all arrive they the Heirophant leaves his home followed by Garx who towers over everyone. The Heirophant greets them and tries to get Garx to adress the issue of the colony, but he ignores it and demands to know why they haven’t done anything about the death of the Beast Heralds. The Heirophant tries to argue that the colony was a more pressing matter, but Garx interrupts him and berates him for putting the “threat” of a tiefling colony over the annihilation of an entire tribe. he then demands that he begin preparations to rebuild the Beast Heralds.

Now with their problems solved the group stands around not sure what to do next. Ao; however, approaches Garx and gives him a crushing hug and they begin to catch up. After standing around watching Ao and Garx both Siren and Sahir collapse from pain. The pain recedes, but then returns stronger in the next instance as they both realize that they are starting to dissolve into dust. The transformation accelerates rapidly and they get the attention of the group and Garx and Ao; however, it’s too late and they have both been reduced to piles of dust by the time anyone could do anything. Examining the remains Ao reveals that it was some sort of transporting spell. Without much to go on they look around for anyone trying to hide or escape until Rapture appears. She looks surprised by the two piles of dust, but even more surprised by the presence of Garx, although she hides it immediately. She tells them that they located Dusk and that he’s in the custody of a rival group of demons. After she tells them this Askazuhn appears an tells them that two aasimars and a nagaji are with him and they realize that Siren and Sahir were captured as well.

Sahir and Siren wake up in a crimson bricked room smelling of sulfur. They find that they are bound and garged and that Dusk and Maiara are there as well as four demons. Three of the demons are large shaggy beasts while the fourth has three legs and carries half of book the Barsaborak cultists had. This demon reveals that they are going to remove Apophis from Sahir and put it to good use. He enacts the ritual and and dark, writhing mass is painfully removed from Sahir’s body and as the demon is reveling in its triumph the doors of the room are burst open and Regyr, Mortis and Grrner enter with Ao and Garx fighting off the reinforcements. A brutal fight ensures where Dusk and Sahir are nearly killed, but the demons are defeated and the book and Apophis reclaimed. Ao and Garx join them and they all disappear back to the outskirts of the Divine Speakers village. They are all quickly healed, but when Sahir is told to hand over Apophis she refuses and tries to take it back; however, Garx is too fast for her and takes Apophis from her while Regyr tackles her to the ground. Garx asks what it is and as Regyr explains that it is linked to the death of the Beast Heralds, he crushes it. Unsure of what to do with Sahir they burn her left hand, removing the brand and her last connection to Barsaborak. Her job now complete Rapture bids them all farewell, but reveals to Siren that she is pregnant with his child before disappearing. Everything now resolved Ao takes them back the colony and they all get ready to help rebuild.



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