Into the Maw

S2 E10: Hereafter

Ao takes the party to the plane of Apotheosis and they find themselves in a light wood. Life seems to be everywhere around them and they realizes that all of them, excluding Ao, look like ghosts in comparison to the rest of the plane. They walk further into the woods and Regyr kills and eats a squirrel finding that it tastes better than any squirrel he’s ever eaten. As they go further they begin to hear music in the distance. They move towards it and they find a small village of gnolls and a few nagaji celebrating around the corpse of a Tyrannosaurus. They enter the village and a gnoll approaches them and greets Ao laughing. He introduces himself as Tharn Ao’s half brother. He greets the party and invites them to join in the festivities. Everyone goes around investigating both the feast and the people.

Tharn asks what their buisness is in the afterlife, especially since most of them are not followers of Karaso and Siren explains that they came here to find Garx. Tharn then reveals that Garx was here, but isn’t any more. When all of the Beast Heralds arrived many set off for the deep woods where he was staying to tell him about what happened to their tribe. Tharn speculates that they probably got there only recently. After hearing this news Siren runs to gather up everyone and tells them the bittersweet news. While they are all happy that Garx is returning to settle the situation, he is going to the Divine Speakers first and they may be able to sway him against the colony. While they are all unwilling to leave they all realize that they need to return to the colony and after stalling Ao takes them to the colony.

They appear at the colony startling some gnolls and tieflings who run to tell their superiors that the group has returned. Scudder, Willers and Zed quickly meet with them and Scudder loudly asks where they have been. They explain, also introducing him to Ao. Scudder now cowed explains that nothing much as occured here, they have been maintaining the peace and continued building up the colony. They then report to Hyraer and tell him what they have learned of Garx. Hyraer and Ao agree to set off for the Divine Speakers the next morning, but that they should get some rest after everything that they have been through.

Regyr finds Bhagrah and they catch up after he apologizes for being go so long and being so busy. Mortis finds Wakefield and he shares with her and Siren a discovery he made with the help of Maiara and Tezcacoatl. They discovered surprising similarities between the blackened aasimar bones they found and dragon bones that Wakefield had studied. After doing some tests they found similarities between Maiara’s blood and Tezcacoalt’s. Wakefield concludes that at least some of the aberrant powers possessed by Maiara and Siren are a result of having draconic biology, possibly brough on by their ancestors drinking dragon blood. There were some aspects of them that didn’t fit aasimar or dragon biology, but they haven’t found anything identifying it.



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